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James Parrett - Sculpture

M-twentyfive – 2014

M-Twentyfour (biggest) – 2014

M-Thirtytwo – 2013

M-Thirtyone – 2013

M-Thirty – 2013

M-Twentynine – 2013

M-Twentyeight – 2013

M-Twentyseven – 2013

M-Twentythree – 2013

M-Twentytwo (Remix) – 2013

James Parrett is an Australian based sculptor. His art works pose questions of form, sculptural process and material. The sinuous sculptures, constructed mainly from stainless steel and marine ply are inviting, but the ruggedness of the deliberately exposed welds, screw heads and unsanded corners or the unevenly cut cardboard; maintain our awareness of the materials used. They also show a gradual evolution in style. Over time self-imposed rules have been broken and new challenges considered. Please contact James about the availability of works on this website.