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‘Arc’ Exhibition

On 10, Jan 2014 | In James Parrett Blog | By admin


‘Arc’ was the first solo exhibition I had produced for a couple of years. It was at Gould Gallery in September 2013.

‘Arc’ Solo Exhibition

Gearing up for a solo exhibition is really different from my usual practice of participating in sculpture prizes and applying for commissions. It was an awesome opportunity to come up with a body of work, stretch my capabilities and evolve my aesthetic practice. When I started the process I had one half finished card maquette, and it then took me two months to finish that one and make the other seven.

When coming up with sizes and materials I wanted to make at least a few of them as big as possible while still fitting through the front door of Gould Gallery and I wanted to try a few colours. I have always wanted to try using car paint so this seemed like the perfect opportunity. It meant that I spent about three months looking at every car that went past, trying to find the perfects colours. J.K.Fasham fabricated half of the works while I fabricated the rest with the help of fellow sculptor Anton McMurray (who’s work you should really check out).

Installation day was a big one. We got there just in time for the clearway to end out the front of the gallery. I had to take apart my gantry so we could take it into the gallery and use it to lift the bigger works into position. Three of the works weighed about 150kgs and the only way to get them inside was old school, five people carrying them in. Rob Gould and Andrew Gaynor worked together to place the sculptures and they were amazing, couldn’t have been happier with the way it looked. I think overall it was one of the best things I have done during my career.

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