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Lorne Sculpture Biennale

On 30, Mar 2014 | In James Parrett Blog | By admin


‘M-Twentyfour’ was recently accepted to appear in the fourth Lorne Sculpture Biennale, held along the foreshore in Lorne, Victoria.

‘M-Twentyfour’ - Lorne Sculpture Biennale

Taking place in March 2014, this is the second time I have been included in the Lorne Sculpture Biennale. It provided me an opportunity to make a large version of M-twentyfour.

I have made a small ‘maquette’ size stainless steel version of this work (which is one of the few sculptures I have at my house) and a medium version (stainless also) originally for the exhibition ‘Intersect’ I had with the amazing Emma Langridge at Gould Gallery in 2011. I always thought the work would look great big so was extremely happy to have been accepted into the Lorne Sculpture Biennale. It also gave me the opportunity to place this work next to the ocean, which has really started to influence my sculptures, none more so than M-twentyfour itself.

I always get the work I don’t make myself fabricated by J.K.Fashams. There are a number of reasons for this but basically I feel there is no one better and they are such amazing people that I trust 100% to make the work how I want it made. They also install most of my work and did so again for this exhibition. Installation with these guys is always fun and we had a great day down at Lorne. I was really happy with my site and feel the work looked great against the ocean.


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