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M-twentyfive Commission

On 30, Mar 2014 | In James Parrett Blog | By admin

m25 2014

In early 2014 I completed a commission for some amazing clients installed next to (and over) their lap pool in South Yarra.

M-Twentyfive Commission Piece

“Make sure you hang it out over the pool as much as possible”.

It’s not everyday as a sculptor that you basically get a free pass to create something that pushes the physical boundaries as well as your own aesthetic style as much as this commission and site did. When the clients and I started the commission process (over two years before install) they showed me the site and said come up with whatever you want. The site as you can see from the photos is a 60cm wide ledge between a two-lane lap pool and a 2m high brick fence. The only real limitation was that it could not be bolted to the ground, which meant it had to be bolted to the wall.

I started off (as I always do) with a card maquette. After some discussion it was decided that the final piece would be three times larger than the maquette in mirror image, with a slightly thinner vertical arc. Making a mirror image sculpture was a lot harder than I thought it would be and it hurt my brain quite a bit. To make the sculpture fit perfectly in the site; I constructed a replica of the ledge and wall to fabricate the work on. Making this work gave me a great opportunity to hone my stainless steel fabrication skills, especially tight arc construction and TIG welding.

Installation was done by Ben and Ozzi from J.K.Fasham and myself. It involved a blind crane lift, making sure all 5 bolts fitted in all the drilled holes and making sure we didn’t fall in the pool. The clients and their extended family all came for the installation, which has never happened before but was awesome, creating a really fun, relaxed atmosphere. You could really see that they were happy to have the sculpture in there lives, which makes me so happy as I love M-twentyfive and worked quite hard to make it as good as I could for them. It wasn’t until I finished and installed the work that I realized what a fantastic opportunity it was.


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